Expect The Unexpected


This image is a testimony to expecting the unexpected. I was at this location a while without seeing much to make an image of. So I decided to pack up my camera and head home. Right before getting to my truck (these mushrooms are within 3 feet of my truck) I look down and see these mushrooms which are no taller than 2 inches, if that tall. So I unpacked my camera and started snapping away.

You see, I try never to go out with any particular subject in mind. I feel boxed in when I do. I just go out and walk around, or find a spot to sit down and enjoy the view. If I see something interesting then I’ll start snapping away. But I never go out and purposely look for a certain subject or theme or assignment to shoot. I’m not sure if this is the best strategy, but my best images usually are the ones when I go out with that state of mind.

Maybe I’ll grow out of it one day. Maybe, but for now I’ll just keep expecting  the unexpected.


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