Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue Of You

DSCF7232DSCF7225Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue Of You

As a rabid Terrible Towel waving Pittsburgh Steelers fan, this weeks challenge came to me immediately. Black and Gold. The execution of it was a little tougher, and my wife gave me an idea on which way I should go (God bless her), but I decided to try it in a little bit of a different way. Still life photography is not my bag, but I couldn’t pass up the chance of displaying the Terrible Towel. I decided to add a couple more shots or angles of how to display it.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue Of You

    • No. But I do have a football when they won the Super Bowl, a ton of hats, jerseys and 2 Gnomes. Shameful that a 53 year old man is playing around with gnomes. But hey, I love the Black and Gold. Thanks for the comment and like :D. By the way, your post yesterday on this theme was really nice.

      • I figured you would have the really COOL football stuff…I was going to see if you would like to add the funky little football to your collection (it does have a few cat tooth marks from an unfortunate episode)…no charge!!! We are trying to downsize- without the bus and my sister close by, it is not as much fun any more…

      • Tempting, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn down your generous offer. I need to downsize myself. But thanks for the offer, it was quite nice of you.

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