Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

I took a walk by the bay today and took a couple of shots when I noticed that my main camera had a battery issue, it was dead…LOL. Fortunately, I also had a point and shoot on me. I didn’t like the color on the image when I got home, so I made it into a Black & White. So on the one hand I was a knucklehead for not checking my battery before leaving, but on the other hand I was fortunate for having a backup on me.

I like this bridge and one of these days I’m going to go over during the “Golden Hours” to see what it looks like. Hopefully with a fully charged battery and a not so bland sky. All in all, I thought the point and shoot did OK.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

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  2. I got caught out almost the first day on my 3 yr photography hobby so I’ve bought a spare battery for each of my Canon EOS bodies (Ti1 & Ti3). Would you believe the batteries are slightly different sizes – hence me having to buy 2. Re-charging them after each photography excursion wears the batteries out, so I was advised to always use up each battery until they’ve run right out and THEN change the battery during your walk.

    • What a pleasant surprise. I woke up and checked my blog and saw that some crazygoangirl liked and followed my blog. I went over to her blog and it was Harsha. Thank you for the like and follow.

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