Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (Reflection Of A Sunset)

I like going to the local State College on Saturdays. Mainly because it’s a peaceful and serene place during the weekends, since there’s no one there except for security. It’s a nice place to just gather my thoughts, be alone with God and just get away from everything for a minute or two. I always bring my camera, since there aren’t any cars or people in the way and just stroll around and see what I might come across.

As I was leaving, I saw that we were going to have a nice sunset. I usually don’t take many pictures of sunsets because EVERYONE takes pictures of sunsets. But as I was passing by one of the buildings, I happened to glance at the doors and noticed that the sunset was reflecting off the window panes. I remembered that this weeks challenge was ‘reflections’ and almost jumped for joy (so silly). I took a couple of photos and ended the night. As I said in one of my earlier posts ‘ Expect the unexpected.


I’m a member of a facebook group called CameraShy Take52 Photography Challenge. Every week they give a one word challenge and we enter our interpretation of it. The group is very active, we critique (I really don’t like critiquing) and encourage each other. Last weeks challenge was angles and this was my entry. This was just a section of our courthouse and in living color the contrast really isn’t as dramatic as this picture portrays. But the angles were certainly there, I just had to make them more visible. What first drew me to this image was the contrast between the window, window frame, brick and the stone. Black and white photography has a way of changing reality.